Student Care


"We care and make students know, how much we take care."

Student Care

One of the very important and pressing needs today is to handle and cater kids with learning-challenges. There are few institutions that have the expertise to deal with these problems. We at Vasant Vihar High School, have over the years built a team of efficient counsellors, who are efficient in identifying learners with disorders and helping them out at the earliest stage.

The team of dedicated professionals comprising of Psychologists, Counsellors, Special Educators, Occupational Therapist and Shadow Teachers cater to students with emotional and academic concerns and strive towards their well being.

Counselling services

In accordance with these goals, the center offers the following services :
1. Child, Parent and Teacher Counselling.

2. Class room counselling.

3. Psycho - educational assessment.

4. Remedial education for students with academic concerns/ difficulties.

5. Occupational Therapy.

6. Individual and specialized attention in classrooms by Shadow teachers.

7. Referral to other medical / Para-medical professionals as per requirement.


The School houses a well equipped Infirmary catering to the well being of all the students and staff alike.
It addresses the health issues as well as any contingency that arises during the course of day.
In case of an emergency, the students are given first aid and then taken to the nearby hospital for further medical care.