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Norway’s Deputy Permanent Representative at the United Nations, Ms Mari Skåre, affirmed: “We are strong supporters of the initiative and the reason is that we have a problem with plastic pollution. Norway knows this. We know it is a health problem for the oceans and for humans. Fish eat plastic, humans eat fish", she said.,how to make ar games in unity,“As global hunger soars way beyond the resources available to feed all the families who desperately need WFP’s help, we are being forced to make the heart-breaking decision to cut food rations for refugees who rely on us for their survival,” said David Beasley, Executive Director of the World Food Programme (WFP).,How high on the Secretary-General’s to-do list is the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development?.

Currently, mass extraction of raw materials is taking place in low-income countries to support the fast-paced consumption practices of higher-income nations. Statistics from the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) show that developed countries have at least double the per-capita footprint of developing countries. According to experts, the path to sustainable consumption requires that our societies make efforts on three different fronts: the use of fewer resources, the reduction of waste production and accelerated recycling.,The UN chief is urging Member States to bring “concrete plans” to the 74th session of the General Assembly, in hopes of bolstering the Paris Agreement on climate change, and the ambitious goals that are the bedrock of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  ,Six weeks since Russia invaded its neighbour, the UN Children’s Fund, UNICEF, said that imports have been disrupted to the Middle East and North Africa – where more than 90 per cent of food comes from abroad.,rb6 mobile release date.

What ishow to make ar games in unity?

how to make ar games in unity

“We cannot manage what we cannot measure, and no single country is able to measure the myriad changes taking place in the ocean. From Fiji to Sweden, from Namibia to the Arctic, all Governments and partners must share knowledge to craft common science-based policies,” UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova said in her message commemorating the Day.,rb6 game,Mr. Todt, also President of the International Automobile Federation, noted that 1.25 million people die on the world’s roads every year, with 50 million more left seriously injured..

“This message of compassion is timeless,” he said.,“And we are only beginning to grasp the threat posed to human rights by some new technologies,” he added.  “These trying times call for a reignition of our commitment to all human rights - civil, cultural, economic, political and social.” ,rb6 mobile release date,“And, by enhancing agricultural productivity and food security, it will lead to SDG2 on ending hunger,” stressed Ms. Mohammed..

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Ramiz Alakbarov, who also serves as Deputy Special Representative, issued a statement saying that acute hunger in the country rose from 14 million in July, to 23 million in March, forcing households to resort to “desperate measures” to put food on the table.,SDG 14 on conserving and sustainably using marine resources is the springboard for the Ocean Conference, taking place at UN Headquarters in New York from 5 to 9 June.,“This message of compassion is timeless,” he said..

how to make ar games in unity,He challenged the 130 Founding Signatories and over 45 of their CEOs gathered for the event to not only align their business goals with the SDGs, the UN’s blueprint for tackling poverty, protecting the environment and ensuring a fairer world for all, but also to support gender equality, to invest in climate action and to disinvest from fossil fuels and pollution in general. ,He encouraged all present to take inspiration from the 2030 Agenda to forge the future we want..

At the peak, around 140,000 people were crossing into Poland every day. The figure has dropped, but there are still so many people seeking protection in Poland. ,According to WHO’s findings, microplastics larger than 150 micrometres (a micrometre is a millionth of a metre) are unlikely to be absorbed in the human body, while the uptake of smaller particles is likely to be limited. ,“The project, together with other interventions we are implementing in the country, demonstrate FAO’s commitment to better nutrition and food security, which is linked to sustainable production and decent livelihoods,” said FAO’s country representative, Hussein Gadain..

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Moreover, the entry into force of the African Continental Free Trade Area promised “a strong boost” in trade between nations. ,rb6 game,Opening the conference, Alison Smale, Under Secretary-General for Global Communications, and head of the UN Department of Public Information, said that stronger links to civil society provide the greatest chance for dealing with global problems that no one country can solve..

“This is compounded by the risk for millions of people of losing shelter assistance and access to water. We are deeply concerned that the deprivations caused by ending UN cross-border operations will result in preventable deaths.” ,“The United Nations is committed to supporting not only the people of Ukraine, but also the people of Moldova during these difficult times,” said Mr. Guterres, adding: “Your sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, and the solid progress you have made over the past three decades, must not be threatened or undermined.”   ,rb6 mobile release date,The IFAD President’s call comes against the backdrop of the recent designation, by the UN General Assembly, of 16 June as the International Day of Family Remittances, originally created by the IFAD Governing Council..

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James Zhan, the director of UNCTAD’s Division on Investment and Enterprise, said the slump in FDI flows in the first half of the year was more drastic than expected.  ,how to make ar games in unity,In the 2030 Agenda, sport’s role for social progress is acknowledged as “an important enabler of sustainable development.”,“We need you more than ever to help us change course, end fragility, avert climate catastrophe and build the equitable and sustainable future we want and need”, he said in a speech to the Davos Agenda gathering of the World Economic Forum, which is taking place online this year instead of in the Swiss Alps. .

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According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a specialized UN agency, passenger seat capacity is down about 51 per cent, entailing staggering economic losses of around 0 billion this year. ,Speaking at a high-level event on financing for development in the era of COVID-19 and beyond, António Guterres said that while countries reacted swiftly to the global crisis, mobilizing a fiscal response of more than .5 trillion globally, only a fraction was accounted for by developing and emerging economies. ,WTO added that tourism is the world’s third largest export category, earning .3 trillion in receipts in 2017: an increase of five per cent..

how to make ar games in unity,Leatherback turtles are the largest turtle species on Earth and can grow up to seven feet long and weigh up to 2,000 pounds.  Esther Vidale, Project Director at Nature Seekers, described them as a “keystone species” in the marine environment.,Deliberations throughout the four-day long forum highlighted the “full scope” of the COVID impact, said UN Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed. .

As such, the international community must help build mutual trust and confidence among countries to support them overcome challenges between them and resolve disputes peacefully, he added.,As telework becomes more prominent so too has the need to disconnect in order to separate paid work and personal life, with France and Germany beginning to look at arrangements at the company level, and at existing and new legislation, such as the “right to be disconnected” (le droit à la déconnexion) in the most recent revision of the French Labour Code.,Mary-Ellen McGroarty, the UN’s World Food Programme’s country director for Afghanistan, was also quoted in the press on Monday as calling for swift, coordination action; “otherwise, an already horrendous situation is just going to become an absolute catastrophe, a complete humanitarian disaster”..

The two-day summit, one of the five high-level summits and meetings taking place during the opening week of the 74th session of the UN General Assembly, will allow leaders from government, business and other sectors to identify specific actions on the road to 2030.,“The amount of waste produced by individuals, communities, businesses, institutions, markets and factories continues to grow tremendously,” explained Ms. Sharif. “Some of it is recycled but a lot is simply discarded, causing health problems for people, their animals, and polluting our environment”.,A further incident occurred in Unity State, just two days later, when a clearly marked humanitarian vehicle came under fire on its way to a health facility, resulting in grave injury to three health workers..

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The three day Forum also includes a number of key events on the Maritime-Continental Silk Road; investing for global impact; women in industry; private sector engagement for implementing SDGs; promoting inclusive investment in Africa; and forging partnerships between entrepreneurs.,After a global competition which saw thousands of submissions with proposed names from 116 countries, UNDP’s goodwill Ambassador Michelle Yeoh announced on Monday that the search for names had come to an end.,More than 10 years after South Sudan gained independence, the country cannot afford to fail, Mr. Hollingworth said, though stressing that what is needed above all is peace.  .

how to make ar games in unity,Ms. Mohammed said that the Agenda 2030 was “shaped with youth” and young people were “the loudest voice” in the ground-breaking My World survey, in which almost 10 million made their voices heard during the UN system-wide discussions on the landmark17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).,Mr. Türk previewed a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council in March where, for the first time, children from different regions will join him for a panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities they face in exercising their rights in the digital space. .

On 22 July, the UN, the Russian Federation, Türkiye and Ukraine agreed the Black Sea Grain Initiative, at a signing ceremony in Türkiye's largest city, Istanbul.,“We know from experience that the proliferation of firearms will lead to increased risks of killings and injuries of both Israelis and Palestinians. The Israeli authorities must work to reduce the availability of firearms in society,” said the High Commissioner. ,The talk was hosted by Peter-Paul Verbeek, a Philosophy Professor at Twente University in the Netherlands, and a member of UNESCO’s World Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology (COMEST)..


Mr. Guterres was blunt in his evaluation of their efforts. ,Three consecutive failed rainy seasons in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, have decimated crops and caused abnormally high livestock deaths, while, shortages of water and pasture are forcing families from their homes and triggering conflict between communities.,The report notes that globally, four times as many men are working as employers than women in 2018.  Women continue to face barriers in accessing management positions..

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how to make ar games in unity,Further in his message, Mr. Guterres also emphasized that in today's interconnected world, there can be “no peace as long as others are in peril, no security as long as others suffer deprivation [and] no sustainable future until all members of our human family enjoy their human rights.”,Her comments echo last week’s warning from Hilal Elver, Special Rapporteur on the right to food, that women and children are bearing the brunt of the crisis..

“Wheat values rose the most in July, as continued hot and dry weather conditions hampered spring wheat crops in North America, while seasonal tightness pushed up rice prices,” FAO explained. “On the other hand, maize prices remained largely steady,” it added.,“We face widening inequality, increased devastation from conflicts and disasters and a rapidly warming Earth. These leaders have seized our sense of urgency, recognizing that our pace must be at a run, not a crawl”, António Guterres told business leaders. “They are committing to cooperate across borders, across financial sectors and even with their competitors, because it is both ethical and good business sense to invest in sustainable development for all people on a healthy planet.” ,This first global survey on experiences of violence and harassment at work, aims to provide a better understanding and awareness of an issue rooted in complex economic, social and cultural factors, said ILO in a press release published on Monday..

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“There is a clear interest of the Taliban also to engage with the international community and I think this is what gives also the international community some leverage.”,Programmes are expected to be rolled out across Pakistan and almost half of Afghanistan this month, after vaccination drives in July reached some 780,000 children and three provinces in the two countries, respectively. ,Explaining the benefits, Shamika N. Sirimanne, the Director of the Technology and Logistics Division at UNCTAD said: “Fostering competition among ports is important to ensure that port operators maximize efficiency and pass on efficiency gains to their clients.”.

how to make ar games in unity,Across Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Togo, the analysis reveals a 20 percent increase in food insecurity in the last quarter of the year compared to the same period in 2021.  ,The total number of those estimated to be fully unable to work is expected to decline to about 40,000 in 2020 from a 2005 level of about 350,000 – an 85 per cent decline for men and a 93 per cent drop for women. .

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These obstacles also further widen the rift between the best- and worst-connected countries, added the news release, calling for increased interconnectedness between national, regional and intercontinental liner shipping services.,zurich classic leaderboard today,Addressing world leaders at the Assembly’s annual debate, Marc-André Blanchard, chair of Canada’s delegation called on the international community to find opportunities amidst challenges it confronts.,The report notes that globally, four times as many men are working as employers than women in 2018.  Women continue to face barriers in accessing management positions..

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“We are far from where we should be – and the pandemic has pushed us even further off course”, said Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed, noting that “indicators on poverty, hunger, education and jobs are all moving in the wrong direction”.,rb6 mobile release date,“Parliaments can be pillars of democracy, important defenders of human rights and can link local and global issues,” he said.,The second policy brief focuses on the implications of cryptocurrencies for the stability and security of monetary systems, and to financial stability in general. .

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Child poverty is more prevalent in fragile and conflict-affected countries, where more than 40 per cent of children live in extremely poor households, compared to nearly 15 per cent of children in other countries, the analysis says. It also notes that more than 70 per cent of children in extreme poverty live in a household where the head of the house, works in the fields or pastures.  ,zulu correct score prediction,Prime Minister Modi said his country draws inspiration from its motto: “Collective efforts, for growth of all, with everyone’s trust,” asserting that this “is not confined within the borders of India”.,People with disabilities still often face overt discrimination, stereotyping and lack of respect for their basic human rights – with women and girls disproportionately affected..

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This positive trend is forecast to continue at a rate of 3.8 per cent by volume, until 2023, the UNCTAD report says.,zim t20 matches results,Across the country, the number of people who need assistance and protection is forecast to rise by 30 per cent, from 5.9 million to about 7.7 million in 2022. Over 70 per cent of all Somalis live below the poverty line. ,“Many women judges have fled the country or gone into hiding”, the Special Rapporteurs added..

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how to make ar games in unity

Mr. Dujarric said that the Secretary-General is continuing to engage in intense contacts aimed at ending the Russian suspension of its participation in the Initiative.,“Stability in Iraq is valuable and important and we must not take it lightly. Rather, we must work on entrenching it. And we expect our neighbours and international community not to make Iraq pay for their own disagreements and conflicts,” he said.  ,Under the theme Securing Global Food Security in Times of Crisis, QU Dongyu, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Director-General, told agriculture ministers from G7 wealthy nations gathered in Stuttgart, Germany, that the most significant threats stem from conflict, and the associated humanitarian impact, together with multiple overlapping crises..

“Africa has a very clear vision” – one which involves all layers of society benefiting from growth and development; one in which malaria or other diseases do not serve as death sentences for hundreds of thousands of people every year; one in which early warning signs of conflict lead more often to successful mediation than to violence; and one in which institutions are strong, women and youth both lead and participate, and good governance is the norm, he said.,“Unacceptable trade-offs have caused untold suffering, reduced the quality, quantity, and diversity of food available, led to high levels of wasting in children, and other harmful impacts on the physical and mental wellbeing of women, men, and children,” he spelled out.,Large numbers of civilians have been forced to flee the fighting, including people who were already internally displaced because of previous conflict in Sudan, and refugees from other countries..

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Ahead of the Forum, which is expected to be attended by over 1,000 data experts from more than 100 countries, UN News visited Mr. Schweinfest’s Office for a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the work of those who deal with the numbers.,“I live in my family compound in Brikamaba village, where I was born, in the Central River Region of Gambia. There are 14 of us, my brothers and sisters, their children, and my father.,“The people of Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory need their leaders to work – urgently – to create conditions conducive to a political solution to this protracted, untenable situation", he said. .

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Addressing world leaders at the Assembly’s general debate, Saleumxay Kommasith added that priority must be accorded to least developed and land-locked developing countries given their added vulnerabilities. There countries were also at an added disadvantage due to the impact of climate change, which hit them hard.,The objective must be to make migration a choice, not a necessity, and to maximize the positive impacts while minimizing the negative ones- FAO chief Jose Graziano da Silva,“Those vessels had been stranded in the three ports covered by the initiative when the war started”..

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Opening the conference, Alison Smale, Under Secretary-General for Global Communications, and head of the UN Department of Public Information, said that stronger links to civil society provide the greatest chance for dealing with global problems that no one country can solve.,Recent years have seen some successes in the battle against HIV/AIDS. In 2017, 75 per cent of people living with the virus knew their status, up from 66 per cent in 2015. Encouragingly, at least four in five people aware of their condition have access to treatment currently. In addition, the number of people with HIV who are “virally suppressed” – meaning that the HIV load in their blood has reached levels so low that the virus is undetectable — has increased from 38 per cent in 2015 to 47 per cent in 2017.,In his address marking the Day, Director-General of the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) Jacques Diouf called on world leaders to reach a “broad consensus on the total and rapid elimination of hunger” when they gather in Rome for the World Summit on Food Security of Heads of State and Government on 16-18 November..

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Pakistan has been inundated with near continuous monsoon rainfall, flash flooding, and rain-induced landslides since mid-June, causing widespread devastation and casualties affecting millions of people across the South Asian country.,“Effective national and international policies are needed to make sure the gains are spread evenly across as well as within countries,” said Mukhisa Kituyi, the Secretary-General of the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), which authored the Information Economy Report 2017: Digitalization, Trade and Development.,Ms. Sarrado explained that “relocation is taking place because [refugees] were settling at the border with Somalia, they were sleeping outdoors, the areas where they were staying started to be overcrowded, leading to increased protection risks”..

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The destructive fallout of August 4th intensified suffering in Lebanon, which was already reeling from civil unrest, economic and financial hardship, increasing poverty, and unemployment, compounded by political deadlock and a soaring number of COVID-19 cases.,Special foreign aid commitments for LDCs amounted to .2 billion, representing only an estimated 27 per cent of net aid to all developing countries – a 0.5 per cent increase in aid in real terms year-on-year.,She called for a global compact establishing that financing for development cannot be short term, but instead should be at least a 30-year loan..

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The double earthquakes struck on 6 February, displacing roughly 3.3 million people in Türkiye and destroying some 650,000 apartment buildings and houses.,“The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is our blueprint for success and the Asia-Pacific region can lead from the front.”,“Most countries do not have the information even to assess whether they are on track or not. Children around the world are counting on us – and we can’t even count all of them,” he concluded..

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Underscoring the importance of the IMT-2020 standard, François Rancy, Director of ITU's Radiocommunication Bureau said: “The standard is set to be the global communication network for the coming decades and is on track to be in place by 2020.”,OHCHR said that on 25 May security forces stormed a peaceful meeting of Baha’is in Sana’a. Seventeen people, including five women, were taken to an unknown location and all but one is still being held incommunicado.,It highlights positive effects of teleworking, such as greater autonomy on working time and better work-day organization, and reduced commuting time resulting in a better overall work-life balance and higher productivity..

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The process is called the Universal Periodic Review, or UPR, and the ultimate goal is to improve the human rights situation for people around the globe.,The agency’s new report on global health expenditure launched on Wednesday reveals that “spending on health is outpacing the rest of the global economy, accounting for 10 per cent of global gross domestic product (GDP).,According to UNCTAD’s World Investment Report 2021, total foreign direct investment also dropped by more than a third globally, to trillion (from .5 trillion in 2019), threatening progress on sustainable development..

how to make ar games in unity,The result has been a boost in trade for hundreds of market vendors, regular income for the bodaboda drivers, and a safe way for customers to receive the goods.,Mr. Guterres also highlighted growing links between the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by UN Member States almost three years ago, and the African Union Agenda 2063; and said that they can provide a foundation for resilience and social and economic progress for the entire continent..

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