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He added that if the party gives him a ticket, he will prefer to contest from the Pratapgarh assembly constituency.,guess the word game,On September 10, Lt Gen Chauhan (retd) attended a ceremony to rename the strategically key Kibithu military garrison on the banks of Lohit Valley along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Arunachal Pradesh after first CDS Gen Rawat.,The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, a TV show on which Navjot Singh Sidhu - now the state unit chief of the rival Congress - also made a name for himself, was a high point in his career as a performer..

(This story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.),Profitable for the first time in 2017, Twitter has slipped back into the red several times since.,He can also still count on a steadfast base, which swears unfailing support to the former president and continues to flock to his rallies.,vishnu vinod interview.

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PromotedListen to the latest songs, only on,vishnu vinod iit,The former finance minister will be hoping his natural ease before the cameras, which helped firm up his lead in the race so far, will be replicated in the hustings in the weeks ahead. However, that road is unlikely to be a smooth ride as he sets about to woo an estimated 160,000 Conservative Party voters to cast their postal ballots in his favour..

#WATCH | Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot and Karnataka Deputy CM-designate DK Shivakumar share a light-hearted moment at Sree Kanteerava Stadium in Bengaluru.Swearing-in ceremony to begin shortly.,Dominic Raab,vishnu vinod interview,(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.).

vishnu vinod interview

"He was working very systematically... to get experience by starting at a very low level, in a village, then in a prefecture... and so on," said biographer Geiges.,PromotedListen to the latest songs, only on,PromotedListen to the latest songs, only on

guess the word game,Sagear and Ballard measured the eccentricity of a sample of more than 150 planets around these M dwarf stars, which are about the size of Jupiter. The more oval-shaped an orbit, the more eccentric it is. If a planet orbits close enough to its star, at about the distance that Mercury orbits the sun, an eccentric orbit can subject it to a process known as tidal heating. As the planet is stretched and deformed by changing gravitational forces on its irregular orbit, friction heats it up. At the extreme end, this could bake the planet, removing all chance for liquid water.,NDTV: Absolutely. And, Maria, your fight has been something watched by so many journalists around the world and also being lived by so many journalists around the world today, as we speak, both of yours and of Dmitry and so many others. It is wonderful what the Nobel Committee actually said that this represents really an ideal for all those journalists. What would you say?.

Shinzo Abe, Japan's longest-serving prime minister, launched his "Abenomics" policies to lift the economy out of deflation, strengthen Japan's military and sought to counter China's growing clout in a historic two-term tenure.,The party had sent observers to meet the new MLAs individually and take their feedback. There are reports that Mr Siddaramaiah is the choice of a majority of the MLAs.,Earlier, in Delhi, when reporters asked how many opposition party leaders would attend the swearing-in, Mr Shivakumar said, "That we have requested our AICC president to take care of, for us, first is the Congress president and the Gandhi family, we are here to invite them personally." The Congress on Thursday named Mr Siddaramaiah as the next Chief Minister and state PCC chief Mr Shivakumar, a strong contender for the top post, as his only deputy, ending the tense deadlock after prolonged parleys involving its central leadership..

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Her mediating role reflected both the status of Germany as the EU's economic powerhouse with sway over many of the former Soviet-bloc countries, whose membership to the union tilted the political balance away from Paris and towards Berlin.,The final perigee was estimated to be less than 80 km indicating that the satellite would enter the denser layers of the Earth's atmosphere and subsequently undergo structural disintegration. The re-entry aero-thermal flux analysis confirmed that there would be no surviving large debris fragments.,#WATCH | Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu | In a chain snatching incident, caught on CCTV camera, a 33-year-old woman Kaushalya was seen falling down and briefly being dragged by the accused in a car. The woman managed to save the chain from being snatched. Based on the complaint and CCTV…

vishnu vinod iit,In parallel with the whiplash-inducing stream of business news, Elon Musk's unconventional private life also keeps the world's eyebrows raised.,In her Linkedin profile, Ms Plumb describes herself as an experienced leader with deep technical analytic skills and a demonstrated history of working in the government, academia, and industry. .

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Arguably, the Congress has managed a solution that's the best possible outcome for both contenders. However, both Siddaramaiah and Mr Shivakumar are from the Old Mysore region and the challenge for the Congress now is to ensure representation from all regions and social groups in the cabinet. Those optics are essential in the run-up to 2024.,vishnu vinod iit,As opposition within the BJP mounted, Kalyan Singh was removed from the Chief Minister's post by the party high command in November 1999..

Before becoming president in 2014, Mr Ghani enjoyed a stellar career abroad as an academic and economist focused on failed states, only returning 24 years later to pursue his dream of rebuilding the country.,"He doesn't accept it if you just say 'Hawa badal raha hai'; he will work towards knowing if the impact is good enough to change voting patterns and then work towards that," he said.,vishnu vinod interview,The initiative, funded by the Hong Kong chapter of community group Asia Trail Girls, selects young girls with potential from all over Nepal for a nine-month programme in Kathmandu..

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PromotedListen to the latest songs, only on,vishnu vinod interview,The debilitating bowel condition necessitated months of treatment but was, Abe said, eventually overcome with the help of new medication.,Her first steps in politics were taken in Rairangpur where she was a elected as BJP councillor in the Rairangpur Notified Area Council in 1997 and rose to being a minister in Odisha's BJD-BJP coalition government from 2000 to 2004. In 2015, she was appointed governor of Jharkhand and stayed in the post till 2021..

He found further fame with the 2012 action movie "Anna Bond" and Jayanth C. Paranjee's romance "Ninnindale".,Mr Sonowal was President of the All-Assam Student Union between 1992 and 1999.,His previous experience also includes working at Blue Origin to mature its lunar permanence strategy, Blue Moon lunar lander program, and multiple technology initiatives with NASA.,vishnu vinod iit.

R Ashoka, the revenue minister who is considered to be the Vokkaliga face of the BJP, was fielded from Kanakapura with the hope that he would win the seat and help strengthen the party in the constituency.,league of legends de,PromotedListen to the latest songs, only on,Today's loss in the assembly elections is our personal loss and not that of our ideology.We will introspect in the coming days and rectify our mistakes. Our efforts to build a Suvarna Karnataka will continue.I thank Kannadigas for all the support extended to us..

He also adopted a less apologetic stance towards Japan's World War Two actions, saying future generations should not have to keep apologising for the mistakes of the past.,The attacker wielded a Samurai sword over two feet (61 centimetres) long, according to police.,But his outspokenness and unfashionable opinions kept him in the media limelight, and his beaming face was a standout image from the Conservatives' shock election victory in 1992 under John Major.,vishnu vinod interview.

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In June, the government amended rules paving the way for appointment of any serving or retired Lt General, Air Marshal and Vice Admiral under the age of 62 to the post of CDS.,The closest thing most countries have to an official registry of religions comes from the rulings of tax authorities, who grant charitable status to those they deem legitimate. However, they are usually very broad in their definition of a legitimate religion. They should extend this tolerant attitude to novel, AI-based religions.,Earlier today, Mr Shivakumar said that he has done the job he was tasked with and now it was up to the "party high command" to take a call on who gets the chief minister berth..

guess the word game,"I didn't realise it was a race," William said when they announced their engagement.,The NPP chief was elected to the Lok Sabha in 2016 after winning the Tura by-poll by a significant margin..

PromotedListen to the latest songs, only on,The work on the Karnataka campaign was started by Congress member and ace political strategist Sunil Kanugolu as early as a year ago. Mr Kanugolu's team was instrumental not only in driving home the guarantees of the party, including a monthly income support of Rs 2,000 to every woman and unemployed youth, but also coming up with the "PayCM" campaign that set the ground for people of the state to vocally express their resentment. It was Mr Kanugolu's team that insisted on early preparations, bridging the divide between Siddaramaiah and Mr Shivakumar and setting the political narrative in the state, much before the poll climate set in. Interesting campaigns such as "KiviMeleHoova," meaning 'flower on the ear', which represents that someone has been fooled, kept the discourse of the Congress alive, forcing the BJP to run a defensive campaign. The two times the narrative of the Congress took a hit was when the BJP government increased reservation for Lingayats and Vokkaligas and even SC-ST communities, and when the BJP aggressively pushed the Bajrang Dal narrative. The biggest success of the poll management within the Congress was making the party workers and local leaders aggressive, organizationally strong, and not relying on "adjustment politics" the state's politics is often known for. "Rahul Gandhi also focused on local issues largely, did roadshows. That was the only way the Modi factor was addressed," a Congress functionary said. To give credit to the Gandhis, while Rahul and Priyanka addressed several rallies here, even Sonia Gandhi participated in a rally in Hubli this time, a rarity since the senior politician has been staying away from addressing political rallies since 2019.,On Thursday, the 29-year-old's supporters, some of them brandishing swords and guns, broke through barricades and stormed a police station in Ajnala on the outskirts of Amritsar city, demanding that Lovepreet Singh alias Toofan, an accused in a case involving kidnapping, be released..

The test also simulated clustered deployment at a 90-degree angle of attack conditions for the crew module. The ACS parachutes are used in the Gaganyaan mission for the separation of the apex cover mounted on the Crew Module.,LIGO-India will be an extremely sensitive interferometer of four km arm length capable of sensing gravitational waves generated during the merger of massive astrophysical objects such as black holes, and neutron stars, the statement said.,Mr Kharge cautioned the Congress leaders, saying they should work with all humility and remain grounded. He termed the party's win in the May 10 elections as "people's victory" and not that of any individual..

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Wickremesinghe, perceived as the Sri Lankan politician who could command international cooperation, has held many important posts during his political career spanning four and half decades.,Revising the pacifist constitution remained a top priority for Abe, a contentious goal since many Japanese see the charter as responsible for the country's post-war record of peace.,Speaking at the programme, Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma said the Indian Space Policy 2023 will allow more start-ups to enter the sector..

guess the word game,(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.),Addressing reporters after the meeting, Mr Pawar indicated that the Karnataka template needs to be implemented in other states, and for that, like-minded parties will have to work on a common minimum programme (CMP)..

But a whole series of procedures have been drawn up for situations that can be handled by the crew themselves -- including on how to tell them about a family problem that has arisen outside.,Ms Yousafzai was born in Pakistan. She was shot at by Taliban terrorists in 2012 when she was only 11 for speaking out publicly on behalf of girls and their right to learn, which made her a target in Pakistan, where, in her own words, "welcoming a baby girl is not always cause for celebration.",The solar system's other gas planets - Saturn, Uranus and Neptune - also have been shown to have lightning. There is some evidence for lightning in the clouds of the rocky planet Venus, though it is still a matter of debate..

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.),This supermassive black hole resides in a galaxy called Messier 87, or M87, about 54 million light-years from Earth. A light year is the distance light travels in a year, 5.9 trillion miles (9.5 trillion km). This galaxy, with a mass 6.5 billion times that of our sun, is larger and more luminous than our Milky Way.,Mr Pratapgarhi, the chief of the Congress's minority department, told NDTV that the party intends to go through with its manifesto promise of cracking down on groups that sow communal discord..

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