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He said the Iranian authorities must respect the rights of all demonstrators and detainees, including their right to life, and guarantee their safety and security. Calling for thorough, independent and impartial investigations of all acts of violence that have taken place, the UN rights chief said there must be a concerted effort by the authorities “to ensure that all security forces respond in a manner that is proportionate and strictly necessary, and fully in line with international law.”,how to bet both teams to score,In the east of the country, civilian casualties are reported in airstrikes and ground-based strikes in areas still under the control of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/Da'esh) – primarily in Deir-ez-Zor governorate. However, the greatest threats now faced by civilians in such areas are improvised explosive devices, unexploded ordinance and other explosive remnants of war.,It is only halfway through its current term..

While UNICEF has lifesaving supplies in Haiti, prolonged violence and instability could prevent the delivery and replenishment of stockpiles, including vaccines, medicine and medical supplies.,Mr. Guterres elaborated saying that corruption:,Over the next week, the session, chaired by Ambassador Alicia Buenrostro Massieu of Mexico, will also consider a variety of resolutions, such as on combating the synthetic opioid crisis, strengthening drug prevention in schools and measures to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission.,bengals kc spread.

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how to bet both teams to score

Mr. Ponce explained that Commissioner Valasquez - who has been continuing his job from outside Guatemala - and his team “are evaluating the different actions that will be taken to continue with the Commission's tasks”.,bengals gatorade color,Gathered virtually at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)’s thirty-fifth Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific, governments, civil society organizations and the private sector highlighted the importance of innovation, solidarity, coherence and partnerships among and within countries. .

“The betrayal of people in the communities we serve is reprehensible”, the statement continued. “We do not tolerate such behaviour in any of our staff, contractors or partners. Anyone identified as being involved will be held to account and face serious consequences, including immediate dismissal.”,A World in Disorder, issued by the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB), an independent monitoring and accountability body which prepares for global health crises, (GPMB), notes that the coronavirus has killed close to a million people, impacting health systems, food supplies and economies.,bengals kc spread,The Secretary-General, who was elected to parliament at 26, lamented that “parliaments are still largely a sphere dominated by older men,” noting that “the world needs more women parliamentarians, and more young parliamentarians”..

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“Anglophone Cameroonians began fleeing violence in October 2017 and continue to pour into Nigeria’s Cross River, Taraba, Benue and Akwa-Ibom states,” Aikaterini Kitidi, spokesperson for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), said at the regular briefing in Geneva.,I calculated that in my career I had been involved in the rescue of over one thousand victims of trafficking. Then I stopped counting. There were so many damaged lives. I received a special police award for “Saved Lives”.,In a tweet on Friday, Mr. Guterres said that “we were all horrified by pictures of human beings for sale in Libya last year. I welcome the Security Council’s decision to sanction six traffickers and smugglers.”.

how to bet both teams to score,“Journalists of all kinds perform one of the most fundamental tasks in a democratic society, throwing light on whether and how Governments behave in accordance with the rule of law or engage in corruption and human rights abuses,” he added. “Intimidation of journalists is by definition an attack on the public’s right to know.”,“Stronger economic growth in itself is not sufficient to ensure that these gains are widely shared,” he added..

The 2019 Report on the Work of the Organization aims to set a new standard for transparency and accountability at the UN, giving readers a new perspective on the state of the world and how the UN is meeting its aims, through concrete results.,Ms. Lee also raised concern over reports that more than 100 civilians have been trapped in the village of Man Wai for the past three weeks, with inadequate access to food or medical supplies.,As a result of the amendment, some drug offences that were previously punishable by the death penalty are now subject to a prison term, although the mandatory death sentence is retained for a wide range of drug-related offences..

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She called for “original, critical and well-researched journalism, guided by high professional, ethical standards and a quality media education” and for audiences who “have the right media and information literacy skills.”,He also welcomed the recent lifting of the state of emergency which has been in place since 1992, calling it a “positive sign.” At the same time, he cautioned that the existing legal framework is still restrictive when it comes to the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and the right to freedom of opinion and expression.,Ms. Mohammed, who is in Zimbabwe to attend several key meetings, including the Sixth African Forum for Sustainable Development, said today’s youth had more tools to use in their quest for a better future than those of yesteryear. These include gadgets like mobile phones./p>.

bengals gatorade color,Don MacKay, New Zealand’s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva, told delegates to the talks and representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that a successful conclusion would mark a “significant outcome for the UN.”,Assembly President Abdulla Shahid opened the proceedings by drawing on his 25 years of parliamentary service..

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how to bet both teams to score

The World Cities Report 2020, released on Saturday, showcases the value of sustainable urbanization and how it can contribute to global efforts to build back better after the crisis. ,bengals gatorade color,Ms. Marchi-Uhel is the first Head of the Mechanism..

In a news release, Agnes Callamard, the UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions; and Nils Melzer, the UN Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, also expressed concern that Doyle Hamm, who is who is due be executed in the state of Alabama on 22 February, may not have received a fair trial.,“The burden of malnutrition represents a violation of the human right to food and continues to drive health and social inequalities,” said WHO. ,bengals kc spread,Stating that the Syrian Government has “manifestly failed to protect its population,” Ms. Pillay urged the international community to act before more lives are lost..

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In a statement issued on Friday by the UN human rights office (OHCHR), Chair of the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights, Dante Pesce, said the decision by corporations and top executives to withdraw “underlines how companies can use their leverage to address human rights concerns.”,bengals kc spread,For opium-growing households in Laos, the average annual gross domestic product per capita is compared with 9 per capita for the country as a whole.,Although FAO’s global food price index has shown falling prices for a range of essential goods in recent months, offering some respite, “recovery has yet to be established”, the agency said.  .

“His killing is tragic and absolutely unacceptable,” said UN Special Rapporteur Frank La Rue. “According to reports I received, Mr. Kerroumi had several head injuries, which leads me to believe that this was an arbitrary deprivation of life.”,These include respected lawyer Somchai Neelapaijit, who went missing nearly 12 years ago.,States must also make incitement to discrimination, hostility, or violence based on religion or belief, including against Jews, illegal, added Mr. Shaheed, and ensure that these laws are enforced. In addition, members of civil society have a role to play, said the UN expert, recommending inter-faith networks aimed at advancing social cohesion.,bengals gatorade color.

It also is essential for resilience to climate change, and underpins UN efforts in peace, security, human rights and development.,best poker cash games books,ESCAP's Executive Secretary, Kim Hak-Su said that while a tremendous progress had been made in improving the welfare of persons with disabilities, more still needed to be done, and pledged his Commission’s full efforts towards this end.,"IOM is fully committed to supporting the immediate and longer-term needs of victims, including their access to legal, health and psychosocial support.".

Other UN rights experts demanded a probe into Mr. Khashoggi's case earlier this week, and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has pressed the Saudi Arabian and Turkish governments to ensure that a prompt, thorough, effective, impartial and transparent investigation takes place.,The siege continues to be marked by indiscriminate attacks affecting civilian and protected objects, the use of chemical weapons and cluster munitions, starvation, and the routine denial of medical evacuations, added the Commission, noting also that terrorist or armed groups within the enclave continued to indiscriminately shell Damascus city, resulting in the deaths and severe injuries to civilians.,► READ ALSO: If we can build the International Space Station, ‘we can do anything’ – UN Champion for Space,bengals kc spread.

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In a speech peppered with personal anecdotes of growing up bi-racial in Nigeria at a time of apartheid in South Africa, Ms. Mohammed noted that she had never met Mr. Mandela, or Madiba as he is affectionately known, and so represents generations of people who take inspiration from his life without a personal encounter.,“In the regions today, no country is alone. Our borders don’t make any difference in the Sahel when we talk about issues of terrorism, migration, and climate change”, Ms. Mohammed said on Tuesday at the opening of the Kaduna State Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Acceleration Conference 2019.,Mr. Zeid also said that Iran assigns criminal responsibility to girls as young as nine years old, whereas boys are not considered criminally responsible until they reach the age of 15..

how to bet both teams to score,Mr. Guterres told journalists that sexual harassment cases will be fast-tracked and investigated by a new, specialized team within the Office of Internal Oversight Services (five of the six team members are women) and that, since February, a 24-hour hotline has been receiving and responding to calls about sexual harassment and abuses of power, within the UN system.,He also repeated a call for all cases involving civilians to be transferred from military to civilian courts. In addition, the High Commissioner appealed to the Thai Government to fully abide by the international human rights treaties it has ratified..

Lithuanian criminal groups were very active in human trafficking at home and abroad at that time. They had very good connections to Albanian organized criminal groups, which were operating all over Europe.,The forum, organized by UNESCO in collaboration with Italian authorities, hosted five panels focusing on food in relation to cultural identity, socio-economic development, education and sustainability, biodiversity and food security, and also highlighted UNESCO’s Creative Cities of Gastronomy—a network of cities promoting cultural industries at the heart of development.,"The Commission on Narcotic Drugs has proven time and again its value in bringing the world together – Member States, UN agencies, regional organizations, civil society, young people and scientists," he said..

“While the number of children who are hungry, out of school, abused, living in poverty or forced into marriage is going up, the number of children with access to healthcare, vaccines, sufficient food and essential services is going down. In a year in which we should be looking forward, we are going backward.” ,The chair of this year’s Conference, Ms. Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director of Oxfam International, said: “The outcome document sets us on a path to reimagine multilateralism – how we work together to tackle the global problems we face.  I’m proud that that this week, we have had the audacity to identify those daunting challenges and to respond boldly and with one voice.”,Executive Director of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Yury Fedotov. UN Photo/JC McIlwaine (file).

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“Children and their families in poor and rural communities are most at risk of being left behind”, Ms. Naylor said, urging Governments to “invest in their communities if we are going to bridge these economic and geographic divides and deliver this essential human right”.,Amid reports that 130 people have been shot dead by security services across the country since the “zero-tolerance” policy began on 15 May, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said that he was “gravely concerned” that “such a large number of people” have been killed.,According to the Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict – which works for the protection and well-being of children affected by armed conflict – schools in north-east Nigeria continue to be attacked at an alarming rate..

how to bet both teams to score,Space technology can play a “crucial role” in addressing the complex and diverse challenges which confront us all, he said, ranging from natural disasters to devastating impacts of climate change.,“The threat of a long prison sentence and vagueness of what kinds of expression constitute defamation, insult, or threat to the monarchy, encourage self-censorship and stifle important debates on matters of public interest, thus putting in jeopardy the right to freedom of opinion and expression,” he said. “This is exacerbated by the fact that the charges can be brought by private individuals and trials are often closed to the public.”.

“By adopting the 2030 Agenda, Bosnia and Herzegovina has committed itself to initiating a systematic monitoring and supervision process for the implementation of this global agenda that integrates the social, economic and environmental dimension of development” he said, adding that its successful implementation “requires an agreement on foreseeable coherent and sufficient funding”.  ,Executive Order 13928 of 11 June 2020 imposed economic sanctions against ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda and the Head of the Jurisdiction, Complementarity and Cooperation Division, Phakiso Mochochoko.  A separate 2019 policy regarding visa restrictions on certain court staff was also terminated. ,Dr. Mukwege, a surgeon and gynaecologist, and his team, aided 30 survivors of sexual violence between 23 and 27 January, according to the statement..

The National Plan for Recovery and Peace-Building was drawn up by the CAR Government in cooperation with the UN, the European Union and the World Bank, and its success depends on financial pledges given by donors during the conference.,In his message for World Toilet Day on Friday, the UN chief affirmed that everyone should have access to hygienic, safe and sustainable sanitation. ,The Court has a dual mission, consisting, on the one hand, of settling disputes of a legal nature submitted to it by States, in accordance with international law, and on the other, giving advisory opinions on legal questions submitted..

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