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The experts said that Mr. Djalali’s “is not an isolated incident” in Iran, despite limitations to the use of solitary confinement under domestic law.  ,free online boggle game,The incident was caused by the release of toxic chemicals from an industrial plant, which accumulated in shellfish and fish, and were then eaten by the local population.,Speaking at the Human Rights Council in Geneva, Michelle Bachelet described ongoing misery for the country’s poorest citizens, as they live with hyperinflation..

The statement was released ahead of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, observed annually on 9 August, with this year’s theme highlighting migration and movement.,Ramy Shaath and Zyad El-Elaimy were arrested in June 2019 and their names were added to the list last April. ,At the invitation of the Government, Michelle Bachelet will visit Bangladesh from Sunday, 14 August, in the first-ever official trip by a UN Human Rights chief to the country.,ipl live match app list.

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“Now while we are aware that a trial has taken place in Saudi Arabia, this is not sufficient, first of all”, she said. “Second of all, we are against the imposition of the death penalty in all circumstances.”,ipl live match app download,This, Mr. Zeid said, “almost creates a new category of absurdity” – a first during his mandate as the UN’s top human rights official..

“The world needs the United States in the ICC…[especially] because they have a long history and experience of supporting these sorts of efforts to address violations,” he said, noting the Nuremburg trials after the Second World War, in which the American judicial system “led the way.”,He survived an assassination attempt at his home in 2012.,ipl live match app list,“Business respect for people and the planet is essential yet often remains absent. At worst, lack of respect can undermine a sustainable future for all”, they said. .

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“Children were reportedly killed in ongoing turmoil that broke out last month in Sudan,” Geert Cappelaere, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, said on Wednesday, noting that “scores of children were also injured and others detained”.,Measuring progress is a complex matter that cannot be examined through numbers alone: for example, an entity that does not report any allegations may not have solid reporting and prevention systems in place.   ,UNICEF offered tips on how to engage your child in a meaningful discussion on this daunting issue..

free online boggle game,“The victims and survivors of this horrific attack deserved justice and that has been served today,” said UNMISS in a statement.,We have to accept that the criminals are real people themselves. They have friends, families, and children. They may even work within the organizations that are supposed to be tackling these crimes, like the police or immigration service and abuse their profession..

Unfortunately, the General Assembly’s funding “has not kept pace” with the steady increase in the treaty bodies’ work, and without adequate resources, the  UN’s committees cannot pursue regular dialogue with its Member States to carry out inquiries into rights violations.  ,In its 2017 follow up report to the visit, the Working Group expressed concern over the Spanish courts’ inactivity in prosecuting the cases of forced disappearance that occurred during the civil war and dictatorship.,Echoing the UN chief, “homophobic, biphobic or transphobic speech around the world has been used by public officials,” Ms. Bachelet lamented, and studies are demonstrating “the devastating effects” of online hate when it comes to the LGBTI community..

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“Citizenship is a gateway right, which enables and supports the right to have other rights, and without it individuals are profoundly vulnerable to harm”, said Fionnuala D. Ní Aoláin, Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism.,ipl live match app download,“We reiterate our repeated calls on the Saudi authorities to open the space for the exercise of fundamental rights,” they added, “including the right to life and of expression and dissent”..

OHCHR spokesperson Marta Hurtado, said in a statement to journalists that the executive order “consolidates a trend in the US towards the eradication of the death penalty – in law or in practice – over the last decades,” as 20 US states have already abolished it. California now joins three other states whose Governors have put an executive hold on executions.,The latest violence comes amid a wider pattern of sporadic but at times intense fighting between ethnic groups and the authorities in Myanmar dating back more than 70 years in some cases, since independence in January 1948.,ipl live match app list,Whilst the works, which feature images of people of Asian and Pacific Island heritage, communicate positivity and an upbeat outlook, the accompanying text gives the viewer a different perspective, containing information about the darker context that inspired these pieces, such as “This is our home too”, “I am not your scapegoat”, and “I did not make you sick”, the latter slogan reflecting the targeting of people of Asian heritage, on the unfounded basis that they are primarily responsible for spreading COVID-19..

Mr. Quintana urged the DPRK authorities to engage with his mandate and allow him to visit the country “to hear the voice of the people and the authorities”.,ipl live match app list,In response, China’s delegation explained that the Xianjang centres in question offered alternatives to terrorism and extremism.,Citing Iranian media coverage since demonstrations began last Friday sparked by a rise in fuel prices, OHCHR spokesperson Rupert Colville said that the country’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, had acknowledged some of the fatalities..

It is a promise extended to people previously locked out of development: the marginalized, disempowered and excluded communities - UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet on the 2030 Agenda,Rajab was convicted on charges of “spreading false news and rumors in time of war”, “insulting foreign countries” and “insulting publicly the interior ministry”.,In an alert to coincide with the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery on 2 December, they warned that global challenges such as COVID-19, climate change and armed conflict have amplified existing vulnerabilities.  ,ipl live match app download.

Calling Haiti’s return to constitutional order, following presidential, legislative and local elections in 2017, “a significant achievement”, Ms. Bachelet added that standing “at the crossroads” between peacekeeping and development, “we must recognize the progress accomplished”, and “also continue building on it, or risk losing it”.  ,does bcci involves government of india,Of those yet to ratify the convention, 20 are from Africa, 18 from Asia and 7 from the Americas: the Secretary-General’s appeal states that ratification would demonstrate a commitment to the most fundamental principles of the United Nations, and provide the basis for action by States to prevent genocide.,From 8 to 16 May, “multiple attacks” by pro-Government forces claimed the lives of at least 56 civilians - including many women and children..

The Special Rapporteur travelled to Ankara and Istanbul with British Baroness Helena Kennedy, a forensics expert who sits in the House of Lords, and homicide investigator Paul Johnston.,In particular, Mr. Kaye calls for the development of publicly-owned mechanisms for the approval and oversight of surveillance technology.,However, it is clear that Israel has no intention of ending the occupation, according to Commissioner Chris Sidoti. ,ipl live match app list.

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“Having a nationality – and the protection of a government that nationality affords – can make a life-saving difference, even more so in times of crisis, whether it’s vaccination, evacuation or providing a social safety net that is needed”.,In a statement, on Tuesday, issued by his spokesperson, Secretary-General Guterres also called on all parties in the region “to seek a peaceful resolution” of differences and pursue reconciliation through dialogue.,The Convention on the Rights of the Child is the most widely and rapidly adopted international treaty in history, and has been ratified by more than 190 countries..

free online boggle game,Women have been forced to become the sole breadwinner for their families while carrying out “the often terrifying and demoralizing” search for their loved ones.  ,With over 4,000 Venezuelans entering Colombia each day, intending to either stay there or push further south, neighboring countries are struggling to meet the needs of refugees and migrants..

The UN Human Rights Office in Colombia received information as well of at least 30 people arrested on 28 May. Ms. Bachelet reminded that ‘the fair trial and due process rights of those detained need to be ensured’.,At the session in Geneva on Monday, which is part of the UN Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review process of all UN Member States, China’s head of delegation and Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Le Yucheng, said that “four decades of economic reform and opening up” had brought about “remarkable progress” in human rights.,“In some of the cases reviewed, judges also failed to protect victims of torture by ordering that they return to the places of detention where the torture allegedly occurred, despite having heard victims – sometimes bearing visible injuries consistent with torture – make the allegation in court,” the Mission said in a statement. .

Most of the strikers were women and many of the arrests were conducted in “a violent way”, the experts added. The arrests appeared to contravene the right to freedom of association, assembly and expression. ,Thirty-two countries voted in favour of the resolution, which was presented by Ukraine.  Russia and Eritrea voted against it, while 13 nations abstained. ,Such a move is “not really appropriate for a community that has animals and needs grazing”, Ms Throssell said, adding that this had happened before, affecting 150 Bedouin Palestine refugee families between 1997 and 2007..

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Children have in many cases experienced extreme violence and trauma, including the death of one or both parents - Charlie Yaxley, UNHCR,In honour of the 70th anniversary of this extraordinarily influential document, and to prevent its vital principles from being eroded, the UN is urging people everywhere to “Stand Up for Human Rights”:,While acknowledging the measures that had been taken to address gun violence, Ms. Tlakula had wondered what was being done to address its “disparate impact” on racial and ethnic minorities as well as indigenous peoples..

free online boggle game,Today, more countries are involved in conflict than at any other time in the past three decades.,“All of them had claimed before the courts that they had been disappeared, or detained incommunicado for prolonged periods, and were subjected to torture in order to make them confess to the crimes,” Mr. Colville explained..

The experts said they are deeply concerned at the increasing arbitrary arrests and enforced disappearances of members of the Baha’i faith, as well as the destruction or confiscation of their properties, “in what bears all the signs of a policy of systematic persecution”. ,This sort of trend, “must serve as a wakeup call,” Ms. Bhoola said, highlighting that the astounding statistics come four years after States committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with relevant targets 5.2 and 8.7 aimed at stamping out trafficking, ending violence against women, and eradicating modern slavery.,From arbitrary detention to torture, the recruitment of child soldiers and mass killings, the Independent Fact-Finding Mission on Libya listed numerous grave rights violations which had impacted the country’s people and which gave them “reasonable grounds” for the war crimes allegations. .

Earlier in the day, Kyaw Soe Oo (also known as Moe Aung) and Thet Oo Maung (also known as Wa Lone) were sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment on charges of violating, according to the High Commissioner’s Office (OHCHR), the “ill-defined” Official Secrets Act.,Mr. Quintana urged the DPRK authorities to engage with his mandate and allow him to visit the country “to hear the voice of the people and the authorities”.,While acknowledging the measures that had been taken to address gun violence, Ms. Tlakula had wondered what was being done to address its “disparate impact” on racial and ethnic minorities as well as indigenous peoples..